Jacob Tremblay tells ‘The Loop’, in an exclusive interview, what it was like starring in Justin Bieber’s ‘Lonely’ music video.
Bieber reveals he teared up the first time he watched Jacob play him.

Jacob Tremblay is undoubtedly one of Hollywood’s most sought-after young stars. The Canadian actor has appeared in an Oscar-nominated film (2015’s Room), box office hits (like Good Boys), and he’s even voicing Flounder in the upcoming live-action Little Mermaid. But most recently, he’s added another once in a lifetime role to his resume — playing Justin Bieber in a Justin Bieber music video — and he exclusively chatted with etalk all about it. “It definitely feels really weird to say it, because it just sounds like it shouldn’t be happening but, I am in a Justin Bieber music video, which is something I would have never seen coming,” Jacob told etalk’s Liz Trinnear, when they chatted over video call (watch above) just hours before the music video for “Lonely” premiered. After JB’s team reached out with the opportunity (“which of course I said yes to”), Bieber hit up Jacob himself to break the ice, since the pair had never met. “I ended up getting a text message from Justin Bieber asking if I had any questions, which I did — I had a lot of questions. So we kind of organized that we would call each other some time, but we didn’t really get an exact time, so he ended up calling me when I was in the grocery store… I was like, to my parents, ‘I have to go outside because Justin Bieber’s calling me.’”



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